Monday, May 27, 2013

WE MADE IT!!! hinted in the picture previously posted of Kenton and I at the San Diego Temple we....MADE IT!!!

After 25 days, 650+ miles, $6,000 in donations, 5 pairs of sunglasses (yes, it ended up being five...), poison oak, ticks, many roads, three sets of bearings, three sets of shoes, and so many wonderful people we met...the trip is done and over, and those kids are getting their tutor!!!

I have to say that after the very first day, , I wasn't sure this could be done. To be honest I didn't even know if I still wanted to do it. When we slowed down our pace in order to survive, I thought Los Angeles would be the furthest we get. Thankfully, we acclimated to the strains of the trip, we got stronger, and we got faster, and we remembered why we were doing this crazy thing. We had four days where family or friends took our pack and we were able to go twice as fast. With all of this, miraculously, we  made it!

I don't know what I'm happier about. That we made it without getting hit by a car, or that I didn't get any ticks.

Well the trip ended and Kenton and I took our first real moments to relax. One thing we had made a habit of on the trip was to take pictures by signs with city names on them. Our dream was to take one by the San Diego sign. We rode and rode and rode, but there is no sign on the coastal highway. My mom and little sister came to pick us up and they said they had seen one on the freeway, but Kenton and I weren't allowed there. Eventually one was located in the city, and we got our picture.

We then took some time to relax on the beach and chill in the pool. The next day Mom took us all to Disneyland!!! That was a really fun ending to the trip, what a magical place it is.

I'm happy we did this trip. We've learned a lot. We learned life lessons, learned our limits, learned things we will do the same and some that we will do differently for next time. The trip was really hard, but totally worth it. We got to help out a lot of people, inspire others, be inspired by others, and just be part of a great adventure. 

Thank you all for your support, and don't worry, its not totally over yet. Stay tuned for more posts and a video from the trip too, and next summer well...who knows?
When we finished we wanted to go to the beach...where we collapsed and fell asleep, and
dreamed of more adventures! We look like we just washed up to shore.

We luckily had enough energy to get up and enjoy the waves. That is me, Kenton and Sydney out there.

Mom made sure we were well fed. See the look of pure joy on Kenton's face
as he carries out a pizza that was almost too big to fit in the car!

Me happy as can be at the happiest place on Earth!!!


Sora Lundberg said...

Congratulations, Mason and Kenton. You are both amazing. We will make sure the children know about your determination, sacrifices, and hard work on their behalf.

Megan said...

Yee Haw!! You made it! Both to your predetermined destination and the $6,000! Truly inspiring and incredible. It has been fun to read about your journey on your blog. Thanks for being so diligent in posting pictures and updates. My kids love seeing you guys. They remember you fondly.

Best wishes to you Mason as you begin another monumental and amazing journey with your new bride!

And Kenton, may I be so bold as to suggest you give my fabulous single sister a call? Is there a girlfriend that would adamantly oppose to that happening? :)

Heather said...

Just heard about this from the Deseret News. Amazing. Thank you for doing this. I spent a semester in Romania working in an orphanage while I was in college. One of the best and hardest experiences of my life.

Zhishan said...

Grate adventures man. Really you made it !!!!! $6000 is so far. Awesome.....Really your longboard is only for love.Congratulations.