Sunday, May 5, 2013

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The Burgons, Me, and Kenton
This evening we find ourselves enjoying the more than generous hospitality of the Burgons. They are in charge of the Santa Cruz young single adult branch of the Church to which I belong. Kenton and I made it only to Half Moon Bay and the Burgons drove all the way up to get us and bring us down for church. We went to a wonderful dinner, with fun entertainment, and then they opened their home to us. I'm washing my clothes in their laundry room right now. They don't even know me except for a phone call, and here they are doing this. What wonderful people.

We do have a connection though. One of my mission presidents in Romania, President Ned C. Hill is brother to Andrea Burgon. I spent my last three weeks of my mission in Romania with the Hills. They are wonderful people who are continuing the wonderful work. Talking with the Burgons I can see that it isn't just President Hill, but the whole clan who are sharp and intelligent people (Also I'm kind of nosy and I looked around at their books and things. Lots of art books, also Amazing Grace my favorite movie. I approve).

To the events of today. We woke up from a shivering cold night and exited our tent. A slightly foggy, but happy, morning sunrise greeted us. We got going and hit the highway. Everyone kept telling us about some new tunnel that let us bypass the "Devil's Slide" (by the name of it we knew we didn't want to go there) as we headed south. We found the tunnel and thankfully there was a bike path. It was nice to ride on a level smooth road without so many twists and turns, ups and downs. In fact, most of the day was nice, smooth, and level. It was a perfect day of riding. Wonderful views, great roads. Awesome. Conditions were perfect.

We met other people along the way besides the Burgons. When we hit Montara we stopped for a break.   A lady pulled off the highway and we started talking to her. She told us God had led her to stop there and meet two Christian brothers. She gave us pictures of Jesus, had us pray with her on the side of the road, and left. But not without wishing many a "God Bless!". A nice lady. After she drove off two young men came up to us. We explained our trip to them too and they loved it. They offered us some...substances and also a beer. We explained we don't use either of those but thanked them for the offer. It was interesting the dichotomy of people, the spectrum I guess, that we meet along the way. Yesterday we met a very friendly homeless man. We talked for a while and also took the chance to ask his advice and get tips from him on how to live the vagabond lifestyle. It was very helpful.

Thinking back to this week Kenton and I are astounded at the ways we have been blessed. I personally don't feel worthy of it all and am very grateful for the opportunities and help we have received. Thank you to everyone.


Colton and Cedar said...

Very inspiring, Mason and Kenton! Keep it up!

I'm assuming you have internet access or else we wouldn't be reading updates. If you want to predict the elevation changes along your route, go to "mapmyrun" dot com. It's free to register. Once you map out your route, click on the "Elevation" button at the bottom of the page and you can even see the grade percent by mile.

There is an option to keep your map on established sidewalks, trails, and roads or you can choose to map your route off road as well.

It also gives you the option to see your route on a topographic map.

I used this site when training for a trail run to simulate the hills of the course I would be running. Very helpful.

Mason said...

Yeah we have to stop at libraries occasionally so Kenton can do homework.

Oh my goodness! I wish I had known about this website before the trip. We've been using it a lot and it is very helpful. Thanks a million for the suggestion.