The Team

Mason Bennett: Co-Founder, President, Tyrant, Lord Ruler and Chief. Champion for Helmets Everywhere!
The place was Mesa, Arizona and the year was 1990 when the precocious cry of a baby rang out and I, Mason Bennett, did greet the world. I have lived a charmed and wonderful life since then. I grew up in Kansas where there are few good longboarding hills. My family then went to serve a mission in South America, whereupon completion we moved to Utah. It was in Utah when, at age of 15, I met the woman who would become my wife eight years later, and she was smitten with love the moment she laid eyes upon me (how could she not be?). When I was 19 I served an LDS mission to Romania for two years and then came back to Utah where I now go to school. I am preparing to apply for Medical School so any luck wishing or prayers on my behalf would be appreciated. My wife is a great support in helping me along in life. She believes in me, so I believe in me too.

Thank you for your support. Don't forget to wear helmets.

Kenton Durfee: Co-Founder, Vice-President, Example-to-All-in Class, Sophistication, Kindness, and Personal Hygiene
Hello everyone! I'm from Arizona, Mesa to be exact. I'm 24 years old, married and just about to graduate with my bachelors in business management finance. I love Longboarding, I've participated in distance running, competitive swimming and track. I have a flair for outdoors and enjoy any sport with a racket. I want to put a lot of miles under my board for this race. Longboard for Love, Be the Power! We will make a difference in a child's future!

Tanner Bennett: Sage of Wisdom and Wit
Hello. My name is Tanner Bennett. I was born in the one thousand and ninety third year of the current era. I was born on a cloudy, rainy day. All I remember of my birth was that when the doctor lifted me up to give me the sacrificial spank on my hindparts, a ray of sunshine parted the clouds and rested upon my face, illuminating my eyes and being. That was when I knew that I was destined for greatness.

Mason happens to be my older brother. What anyone did in the world preceding this one to deserve him as a brother exceeds human comprehension. That should give you a little hint of how cool I am. When Mason first crashed his longboard into a parked car, it was me who our grandmother tried to make rub ointment onto his wounds. When Mason, first tried to bomb Fairway Drive all the way to the bottom, it was me who was following his tail on Roxanne (the first longboard we ever owned). Longboarding is what we do, and by golly we do it well. When Mason did his trip across California, I was happily serving the great people of Ecuador as an LDS missionary and even though I didn’t get to do the trip with him, I had the greatest experience of my life there. 

Now it is time to resume my place in world of longboarding. It is time to don once again my helmet of safety and take up my board of long length and help raise money for good causes around this good green globe to better the lives of the inhabitants therein. This is my cause. That is my quest. Heck ya.

Danny Smith: Handsome-Man Extraordinaire
My name is Daniel Smith. I’m named after Daniel in the lion’s den. My friends call me Danny. As far as I know I don’t have any enemies, so they don’t call me anything. Since the time I was a wee lad of 16 years of age any time my friends asked me what I wanted to do the answer was (and is) “let’s go longboarding!” I feel free on a board. And it’s the only way I can impress the women. I’m a full-time student at Brigham Young University, pursuing a mechanical engineering education. The three things I love most are 1) God 2) My family 3) Longboarding or food (it’s a tie). Life is SO good.

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