Longboard For Love

Longboard for Love is a team of longboarders trying to make a difference in the world. The team founders, Mason Bennett and Kenton Durfee, recently completed a month-long skateboard journey along the California coastline and raised over $7,000 for a Utah based charity organization, Bridge of Love, which helps orphaned Romanian children. This money was used to pay for a tutor and computers for the orphans.

Longboard For Love also collaborated with friends in New York to do a Skateboard Dance Competition. Funds raised from the dance competition were again donated to Bridge of Love. Our next goal is a 24 hour relay race where we are going to raise funds for another charity, Cause for Hope, and set a world record. Thank you so much for all your support!


Longboard for girls said...

Yes! I think I love longboard too :)

GeorgeMMichels said...

I’m a biginner. I want a longbord good for a bit of downhill ,cruising and landing a trick or 2. I was thinking the sector 9 peru. Anye adwise. Thanks.

Jacqueline Taylor said...

I love longboarding very much. Longboarding mix with my blood.It is very nice approach guys.