Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Two years ago on Mother's Day I got to
 Skype my family and talk to them from Romania

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!! But most especially mothers. I want to tell you that almost 23 years ago I gave my mom the best Mother's Day gift ever. It has been a hard, if not impossible gift to top. The gift was....ME! I was born on mothers day, a month early, and a half hour labor. How considerate can an infant be. To tell the truth, I was the lucky one. To be able to be born to such a great woman.

I hate to brag, but, my mom is the best mom. She is another reason why I'm on this crazy adventure. She supports me on it, even enough to drive me out here to start, and then drive me back at the end so I can make it to my own wedding. I can't imagine my life without a mother and so I feel the need to give what I can to the Romanian orphans who don't even have moms, let alone one as wonderful as my own. Mom has taught me so much and been so loving. She pushes me to be better and to learn to work hard. I'm grateful to have her in my life and can't imagine. She is one of the people that helps me know I can do things. I can do it because mom thinks I can, and mom is amazing so that means it must be true.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women who sacrifice so much to raise us "snot-nosed-runny kids" as my dad used to tease. I for one am very thankful. 

I'm about to get another mother, Becky Wheeler. Who I am happy to have in my life. She was kind enough and trusting enough to agree to let me marry her daughter so I'll be forever grateful.

Here is my mother and I in Oradea Romania. When my family came to pick me up on the way home
That's my mom right there in the middle. This is when we visited the children in Romania.
My Mom and my Grandmother. Two amazing mothers
The Wheelers (Jamie is on the left. And she is so darn cute!)


Natalia said...

Hey I want to watch your news debut! You should put the link up on the blog so people can see it!

Sora Lundberg said...

Great tribute to your mom. She is great. Last Sunday night at the end of the 10 o'clock news, there was a sweet piece about mothers. Lots of pictures of babies and children with moms. It then said something like "Because babies did not come with instruction manuals, they have mothers." I then thought of how many children I know that did NOT get mothers. That is why they have people like you---reaching out to help them. Thanks!