Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mai Multe Fotografii!

Happy as can be to have made it into the newspaper. Front page of the local news section!

We visited the S-1 Helmet warehouse in LA. S-1 made the helmets that keep our noggins
safe. A company that is truly concerned with helmet safety and making sure that
everying is well certified. They were really nice and loved hearing that Kenton
wears his helmet for a pillow when he sleeps.

On the left is Uncle Dale (Kenton's Dad) who joined us for a leg of the journey. Fun fact. He is riding
on the very board that got Kenton and I interested in longboarding, and look where it has got us now.

Past few days have been along beachside paths. California really is a beautiful place.

Made it to Dana Point and stopped for a photo

Kenton's family came for the weekend and stayed a few days to help us out. It was great
to see the family. They were such good sports with the two little kids. It was lots of fun to
have a fan club cheer us on every so often when we passed them on the beach. Love the
Durfee family.

We were hoping the sign would be bigger but this is the only one we found. One of our favorite
days of riding.

Stopped here for a break and to check the maps. We figured
 that my shirt functioned as a better lightbouse than this one
ever would.

Sha-zam! Newport, another beautiful city.


Sean and Lori said...

You guys have a kickstarter? If not get one ASAP and lets get some people behind you! Rich Randall told me about you guys

Sora Lundberg said...

How fun to have family visit. What a tremendous thing you two are doing. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job!! I hope you inspire many to do like wise, both for charity and for inctrased awareness. There are so many people in this world whose lives and chances for growth can improve from the change in our pockets as well as a change in our thinking :-)