Friday, May 10, 2013

A Creature With No Purpose

Getting our stuff ready to leave
Bugs. You know what? Bugs really aren't that bad. They do a lot of good in the world. Pollination and things like that. For the most part they don't really bug me. Some can be obnoxious. Like fleas. A flea gets on you and bites you to suck your blood. In exchange for this gift of your life blood the flea gives you little itchy bites. Thank you fleas. Thankfully the fleas can be kicked out. Mosquitoes are much the same. They, however, are kinder guests and after the unfair exchange they buzz away.

Ticks. These ones are the gluttons. Very selfish. There is no tell-tale buzz when they approach. Instead they leap upon you, unwanted, or grab you as you walk by. They then hide themselves where you don't want them and then bite you. Instead of a bite and run, they linger. Not satisfied until they gorge themselves on your blood, swelling to many times their size. They are like the unwanted mooching guest that would not leave. Soon the awkward and painful process begins to remove the guest from your life. You may use fire, or tweezers. But please don't leave any part of it there (like the head) because it will fester and make you sick. Ticks (quite literally) suck. They serve no purpose on this earth, except to teach me what hatred feels like. A feeling I shouldn't feel. So they must be evil! They also carry disease.

Kenton putting away the tent that kept us tick free.
Last night Kenton and I camped in a beautiful area.We found a nice tree to stay under and went to go grab our stuff. Upon arriving at our things I found three, yes THREE, ticks crawling on my pants. Like a little baby I refused to enter the woods again (I hate ticks. We would get them when I lived in Kansas, and I hate them!). We compromised and instead of sleeping 100 feet off the road it was more like 10. I also basically bathed in bug spray. So far I haven't had any tick bite me (a wonderful miracle and blessing), but. I have brushed 7 off of me. I hate them.

Although ticks may not have a purpose (at least that I can see). On this trip I, unlike the ticks, actually have a purpose, a purpose not to hurt but to help. Some things in life suck, (ticks for example) or falling behind on your education. I can't do anything about the world's tick problem, but I can help a few Romanian children improve their education. That is my purpose. What is your purpose?

Monastery Beach. Spent some time there this morning

Kenton tearing it up down a hill

Having a fun ride on a nice little hill we found.


Curtis Bennett said...

I can attest that Mason hates ticks! He will go to extreme lengths to avoid them. At all costs almost. But I love the analogy. Mason is not sucking life...he is giving it through his efforts. The amazing thing is, neither Kenton or Mason will ever really know HOW much good they have done. It's likely incaculable!

Dallan said...

Well said Mason. Way to bring it all together.

Sora Lundberg said...

Great post! Thanks for giving of yourself!