Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling Twenty...Three?

Happy Birthday to me...Happy birthday to me...Happy birthday dear meeeeeeeee. Happy Birthday to me! Well on May 13 I will be twenty three years old. I'm excited but a little bummed that Taylor Swift's song will no longer apply to me. Such is life.

This birthday I had a wonderful present. Jamie and her father drove all the way out to see us. They arrived Saturday night. How awesome is that? Best birthday present EVER!!!

Since seeing my fiancee is the best birthday present ever there isn't much else I could really ask for. But, since it's my birthday, and therefore socially acceptable for me to ask for things I have this to say. I wish for my birthday that, if you haven't already or also feel the need to do again, give a gift to the Romanian orphans. Kids who don't really get anything. These have to share their birthday celebration with all the other kids who had a birthday that same month. They are the ones who really need it.

Alin and I
When I lived in Romania I was really far away from family. Because of the distance packages were hard to send. For Christmas and my birthday I would get these heartfelt small packages with some treats and stuff inside. Like homemade fudge or dried mango pieces (love those!). The most memorable thing I got was from a friend on mine, Alin, who was living in a shanty he made himself. He was a squatter on someone else's land. He got me a very cheap yellow polyester tie. I was touched that this guy, who had nothing, not even a home, felt the joy of giving selflessly(I still have the tie and I love it). I realized, you know, we don't really need to get stuff. When did these days turn into celebrations of getting more things? Mostly superfluous stuff. Why not give instead?

I saw some of my friends and other people I met in Romania, like Alin, who would get nothing, who had nothing. I felt a little guilty for my pre-mission birthday/Christmas avariciousness. When I got home I hated being asked what I wanted for Christmas. It had been refreshing to be away from all of that.

Therefore, since I already got the best present ever, in other words, spending a day with Jamie, I would like, for my birthday, if everyone would find a way to give to someone else. If you can't find a way to give I do know of a very good charity helping out orphaned and abandoned kids in Romania. The link to donate is just on the upper right of the page.



Megan said...

Happy Birthday Mason!

Curtis Bennett said...

Happy Birthday Son. You are doing a great thing and the people of Romania must be pleased. Your Mom and Dad are. Glad you came to our lives 23 years ago! Love you , Dad

Sora Lundberg said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mason. I'm so glad Jamie could come be with you. She will be a wonderful companion! You are doing a great job. Thanks for helping to rescue so many children!