Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Pictures for YOU!!!

Made it to Palm Beach State Park. Took the time to enjoy nature. 

We found so many sand dollars. As proudly displayed below!

Our happy little collection we found!

In Santa Cruz we ran into the Mormon missionaries on their Preparation day. 

The whole dock was full of Sea Lions. We watched them fight for space and yell. It was really cool.

Um....this is a picture of some boats...yes.
Crazy prices as we rode through some farmland. We didn't have room in
our packs for avocados, and you know what. I'm not even upset. I don't even like avocados.

This was right after I had a really stupid crash and I landed right on my head. My helmet kept me safe! Thanks S-1.
I'm ordering a new one soon.
Reached the City of Seaside
Kenton is stoked about making it to Monterey
My golf game is not very good. But we found another use for the Kahuna Sticks

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