Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keep Moving

This Saturday I also had another insight, or life lesson, while riding. When I am riding I am just so happy. However, once we stop and sit down or something I don't want to start riding again. In the morning I dread starting on the road, but once I've started, I love it! Also I hate being in once place too long, which is usually few hours. One time we got stuck in a city for two days! Kenton had a school emergency and other obstacles made us stuck until we resolved everything. I got so antsy and frustrated. I really didn't like being stuck there when we needed to be moving on the road.

The moral of all this is that it is better to be moving, to be doing something, than to just sit and stagnate. I know that it is good to take a break, refresh, slow down and enjoy things, but once that is done we need not linger and waste away. We need to get moving and accomplish something. I find I'm happier when doing that. (on a side note: it is good to be moving, but there is a difference between being productive, and just being busy)

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Sora Lundberg said...

I'm sure lots of wonderful future talks and even discussions with your future children about lessons of ife will come from this experience!