Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pictures For YOU!!!

Starting out early in the morning

Stinson Beach. The first time we really saw the beach. 
Going along the Golden Gate Bridge

Part of our ride today. Soooo pretty
Washing our clothes in a bathtub.
Another innovative use for the Big Stick. Sad thing
is that our clothes still have not dried out. They have been in our packs
for a day or so and each time we hang them out the dew makes them worse. 

My first pair of shoes after the third day
Our little campsite 

Hiking out of our campsite

A little vampire house we randomly found

The view from the Vampire house


Sheri said...

Beautiful scenery! Glad to see you finding joy in the journey even though this is such hard work!

Aunt Lori said...

Craddling you two in my heart. Trusting you are being supported, strengthened and kept safe in all ways at all times and all directions, as you move through this most creative adventure. What a beautiful way to bring awareness and give voice to the needs of those who are not able to do so at this point in time.

Sora Lundberg said...

Your pictures are so great. I hope your shoes last! You really are making some great sacrifices for the kids! Thank you.