Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Four Broken Sunglasses

The demise of set number three.
I look so depressed because I know
I will have to spend way too much money
to buy another pair, that will probably break.
It's all for the children...

The sun is hot but the road is beautiful!

We met with another paper this morning and then headed down the road. Both of us have been amazed and happy not to have been sunburned for this entire trip, but today...we are fried.

As shown by the picture on the right I broke another pair of sunglasses. That is pair number three. All I did was pull them off my face and they snapped without any reason. Kenton and I have decided I was just too handsome and the glasses couldn't handle it. It makes me laugh because I remember talking about a documentary called Five Broken Cameras earlier on the blog, and it seems I am destined to do what that man did, just with my glasses. I've broken three and Kenton broke one (I say he "broke" them, more like they got so gross and dirty that when he put them on his face they left little racoon-like dirt circles around his eyes.)

Despite my glasses we have been in high spirits today. Due to our recent press coverage we've been getting a lot more attention. Early this morning we were stopped by a couple on a walk. They wanted to shake our hands cause they saw us in the paper. Other people have been honking and cheering as they pass us in their cars. At first we thought everyone was just mad at us today but they have been smiling and giving thumbs up signs so we think its all good. Some people have even pulled over on the side of the road to talk to us. It has been great to raise awareness and get attention to the cause.

On the road with my new glassses! Set number four.
Lets hope they last!

We passed into Dana Point and the sun was getting high and very hot (hence the sunburns) and I decided it was time to buy more sunglasses. Spotting a watersport store we pushed on over to see what they had. Right before we entered a tall nice looking man came outside and started asking us about our boards and sticks. We explained our cause and the equiptment and really sold him on the Kahuna Big Stick. He likes to paddleboard surfboard and thought the land version looked like a blast.

Near the end of our coversation I started heading in the store to buy sunglasses. Martin (the guy we were talking to, whose father happened to be Romanian) ran over to his car, and grabbed a pair of glasses and gave them to me. Just put them on my face and said I could keep them! Now he has to go buy new glasses, but he saved me $20 from his act of kindness. I really appreciate it, and my eyes have been appreciative all this hot and sunny day.

I'm just a kid on the side of the road and someone, Martin, gives. That is what has really impressed me on this trip. I've learned that people are good, they want to give, we all desire to help. It's not just Kenton and I on our crazy adventure who are making a difference. Its each person who encouraged us, who made a donation, who opened up their home, who gave water, who gave sunglasses. There are so many little acts of kindness that add up to this great effort helping these kids that most of you will never meet. It is amazing and reminds me of a quote I love from George Eliot.

"What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?"


Sora Lundberg said...

Beautiful post, Mason. I loved the quote at the end. And yes, you ARE making life less difficult for these kids!

Sora Lundberg said...

Beautiful post, Mason. I loved the quote at the end. And yes, you ARE making life less difficult for these kids!

Anonymous said...
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