Monday, April 29, 2013

It All Begins With Four Dollars

Leaving from Utah not so early this
morning we are. In Santa Rosa California. We are actually here. We left this morning at about 9:30 (instead of the planned 8:00) and drove until we arrived at 9:15 pm at the Vagabond Inn. What a long day of driving. Kenton and I are so antsy to get out and ride tomorrow  Also a little nervous. Looking at the highways around here it is a little scary. One other problem we had was with the map. I was going over it this morning, looking at each days directions and I was backwards. Each day gives directions from south to north instead of north to south. Soooooo...... tomorrow we are going to try to follow it in reverse and see how well that goes. Luckily mom is staying with us one more day to see what hiccups we may run into.

Kenton and I sitting and eating. See our beautiful
faces on our backs!
We had a lot of blessings today. One was that we have some good prospects for news coverage. Another was at some random gas station in the middle of Nevada. Kenton and I were wearing our shirts, bright yellow ones, and we heard some people calling to us. These two ladies asked what the shirts were for and we explained our project. On the spot they pulled out four dollars and handed it to us, telling us what a wonderful thing we are doing. We were very excited with our first donation of the actual trip, as well as very touched by the candid kindness of these ladies. Every bit helps, no matter how large or small it is.

In the car I wondered if the children of Romania know, or even think about, the people helping them over here. That two random kind women gave to help. That some guy in Switzerland(my dad on a business trip) gave up some sleep to send out an email for us. That two crazy kids are riding their boards trying to get them help. Through the generosity of many their lives are being changed for the better and they probably don't even know.

We went to In and Out burger once we arrived in Santa Rosa.
Here we are stuffing our faces. Looking as bright as can be,
especially in comparison to the really depressed looking
girl behind Kenton.


Cameron Cole said...

Good luck guys!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so brave! We are praying for your safe journey and expect that God will multiply your efforts and bring about great good from this journey. Thank you for your example of courage and giving. You are making the world a better place!