Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home is Behind The World Ahead, and There are Many Paths to Tread

My birthday cake party. Happy Early Birthday to me! 
This night was a crazy one. Kenton arrived in Utah after a 20 hour bus ride! That sounds ridiculously long. We quickly coordinated and got our things packed and ready to go. Mom, Jamie and Sydney were busy making shirts for the trip. Ironing on our logo to the back and they look awesome! I got some last minute flyers to carry with me from Bridge of Love. And I finished unpacking from college. It was busy busy busy, and we were running around like crazy. Along with it all we ate a little cake to celebrate my birthday, which is really on May 13 but I will be on the road that day.

My wonderful tired mother making the shirts. Her and
Jamie did such a great job. Thanks Aunt Kathy for
getting them
Today, April 29th (its just past midnight right now) the trip is underway!!! We leave at eight in the morning to drive out to Santa Rosa. Hopefully we will be able to get in some miles before the end of the day. My mom, with her great labor of love, is going to stay with us for a day and then head back to Utah leaving Kenton and I with just our boards, our backpacks, and the road.

I want to say thank you for everyone's support and help. Donations can still be made by using the link on the right or going to the Bridge of Love website here. Feel free to follow the trip and events as they unfold over the next month. We will be posting as often as we have an internet connection and battery power.

Jamie, Kenton, and me packing all the stuff for the trip.
You can see one of the shirts Mom made on the left right there.

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