Monday, April 22, 2013

Seven More Days: Merit Academy

Beautiful morning for a race.
This past Friday I had the wonderful chance to share a bit about Bridge of Love and what I'm doing soon. I really enjoy doing this kind of thing and helping out. It reminded me of the time I got to help out at the 5K race, Dracula's Dash for Hope, this past October. It was a cold but beautiful morning and lots of people showed up for the race in their costumes.

Helping out with the booth at Dracula's Dash for Hope
I've got my hippie costume on.
Merit Academy, a school in Springville, had a school fair.They called it Around the World With Dr. Who. There were special dishes made, and activities like Fat Suit Sumo Wresting. Each room had something fun going on. The room I was in was Mrs. Moody's. She had three booths going on. One was helping schools in Africa by making lightsabers out of pool noodles. Another booth was making bracelets. The money for the bracelets went to helping the activities at Merit. Then there was the Bridge of Love booth. I was there with my all my gear talking to people about all the good Bridge of Love is doing. We were playing off of the Dracula/Transylvania idea by selling little candy necklaces with vampire teeth. We had the slogan "Let's take a bite out of poverty!"

I had a lot of fun talking to people about the trip and Bridge of Love. I had a lot of fun finding fellow longboarders and talking to them about boarding.  It was also funny to see people's reactions to the trip. Shocked, excited, dubious, worried, and some who thought it sounded awesome. After a while the room got pretty busy and so I was "domesticated" or taught how to make the bracelets and I helped out with those as well. Jamie now has a nice braided bracelet, my practice one. It was  pretty hard to do, but they look nice.

It was a great opportunity and I had a lot of fun. Merit seems like a great school to have these fun activities.

The bracelet making station. You just know that
she is telling a good teenage girl story.
Me learning how to make the bracelets

The booth. There is my vampire teeth candy necklace. We had a lot of fun.


Sora Lundberg said...

How did things go, Mason, at the fair? I texted the teacher, but I haven't heard back.

Mason said...

It was really good. I sent Mrs. Moody a link to this post. I'll let you know what she says. It was lots of fun and I think it was successful as well.

They are excited to have you come in a week.