Wednesday, April 17, 2013

12 More Days!!!

Longboard USA
Well the time is winding down and final preparations are being made. We only have 12 days until we leave! I've been checking my equipment, packing up my backpack to go, and going on practice rides around town. I want to say a big thank you to Bridge of Love and all the help they are. To my parents for the immense help they bring. To my fantastic fiancee Jamie. Everyone who follows the blog. And also to others who have done similar trips who have helped me know what to expect. I wanted to share their trips and sites on the blog.

One of the biggest help in preparing for the trip has been Longboarding USA. Two brothers who did a whole trip across the United States of America. I emailed them with questions and Caleb Childs has been great about communicating helps with me. Questions about where to stay, shoes to wear, how many bearings I will go through, how to stay safe. I've pretty much bombarded them with every question. They've been great and I want to say thank you. Check out their trip here.

Adam Colton

Another great help has been THE Adam Colton. Who is Adam Colton you may ask? Well you can check out his website here, but I will tell you a bit about him myself. Adam is a legend of longboarding.   Ever since my brother and I were younger we loved to watch his longboarding videos. His skills at dancing on the board are amazing. He  as performed many a long distance trek. Across Morocco, Bolivia, Peru, China. You can watch the trips videos here. They are really good videos. I've never contacted Adam because I'm a little intimidated to contact my longboarding hero of many years. Whenever people ask me what longboarding is like I direct them to this video Adam did years ago. It reminds me of boarding in Provo Canyon. Adam's stuff is great.

Rob Thompson

Finally a thank you to the world record holder for longest distance ride ever. Rob Thompson went on a solo, unassisted trip all the way across China. He is an avid biker and boarder. Check out his stuff here. His ideas on what to pack, instructional videos, and helps are invaluable. This guy is an inspiration to me and I love what he does with pushing the limits of boarding and changing the way its done. Like the trailer board he made with Longboard Larry.

I'm super stoked for my own trip. It would have been really hard to figure this out without the advice of others who have done this before me.  I also want to say thanks again to everyone for all the support.

12 more days!

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You are a great blessing to Bridge of Love!