Monday, February 25, 2013

Bridge Of Love: Doing Good

Jeff and I when we met in Romania.
This past week my friend Jeff and I got to go up to a Bridge of Love planning meeting where we discussed upcoming events and projects. Jeff has some helpful ideas and loves to help them out. He is minoring in non-profit organization, and I got to go report on the Longboard for Love endeavor. We both lived in Romania and so are very happy to be helping out the wonderful land we love.

It was a wonderful thing to see such great people come together and talk about how to help these children. Bridge of Love is hoping to expand to help more children, and hopefully move beyond just the abandoned children and work against the rampant problem human, especially children, trafficking.

Laurie Lundberg shared a story about a conversation she had with a boy in Romania. She asked him, whenever he got sick, did he have someone to comfort him. When he had a fever was anyone there to help him. He said no, nobody ever did that, helping kids in the orphanage is a job. The employees aren't raising their own kids, they are just giving our the bare necessities. It was a sad a touching story when I thought about how lucky I was to have someone, my mom, there to help me when I was sick.

We then talked about the recent developments for Bridge of Love. There is the upcoming golf tournament, the Scramble for Hope. As well as the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake. This one is exciting. My future mother in law is making a quilt for Jamie and I and we recently helped her pick out the fabric for it. Its been fun to see how cool quilting actually is, and its super hard too! I'm excited for the quilting show. Too bad I'll be in California on the longboard trip or else I would go to the show.

Also there will be another 5k race, Draculas Dash for Hope. I went to the last one in October and it was a lot of fun and a great way to help other people and get some great exercise. Bridge of Love is also preparing for this years summer camp. Where volunteers fly to Romania and host a camp for the kids. I got to visit at the camp a few years ago right before I left Romania. My family flew over with some supplies and we gave them out and played with the kids.

They just revamped their website and Facebook page too. Make sure to take a look and share them, they look awesome.

I'm happy and excited about all the great things going on with Bridge of Love. It is so good to see people doing a great thing. Last thing, don't forget the donation button to the right or you can make a donation through Paypal here. This is how Bridge of Love is able to operate and help. From the kindness and help other people offer. And any bit helps. Thanks so much.

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