Monday, February 11, 2013

Crazy Summer

Well....this post has no purpose except for me to share how awesome my summer is going to be. This weekend my fiancee Jamie and I were up visiting family. There was a lot of snow and my mom and sister wanted us to take picture in the snow. We were good sports and went out in the freezing cold for pictures and they turned out pretty good.

I was looking at them this morning and I thought about my crazy summer coming up. The school semester ends April 24th. Jamie has graduation on April 25th. I leave to longboard 650 miles on April 30th. I finish on May 28th. Fly back to Utah, and on May 31 I get married to this beautiful wonderful woman shown below.  June 3rd we leave for a few months for an internship in California. Crazy crazy summer. Its going to be a lot of fun.

Please, everyone else on the road, don't hit my with your car while I longboard. I want to make it
back safe for my wedding or else this cute girl will not be too happy with me. 

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