Friday, January 18, 2013

Final Route Plan! is finished. We have mapped out the entire route. The total milage for the trip is roughly about 658.8 miles. This was hard to map because of all the different information. Some sources said that Highway One was about 655 miles going from Eureka, California to San Diego. Since this is what we were told we planned on starting there. When I mapped out the trip we discovered that we have been misinformed. It was a little over 900 miles. Sadly we don't have time to do that much.

I tried to map it out again starting from Leggett, but this was just under 800 miles. After much frustration with GoogleMaps (user error I'm sure) I finally worked it out to be about 650 miles, our original plan. We will start in Santa Rosa and head down the State until we reach San Diego. A lot of our miles comes from having to use the smaller back roads since it is illegal and dangerous to board on the side of the major freeways.

Our Mileage is as follows:
Week One: 126.3 miles
Week Two: 163.4
Week Three: 153.8
Week Four (plus two days): 215.3
Total Mileage: 658.8
Daily Average Mileage: 26.35 Miles

We will be starting on Tuesday April 30 and going till Tuesday May 29. This gives us about 28 total days, minus Sunday as a day of rest, leaving 25 days to be pushing along. It will be a hectic time for my own personal schedule. I believe my school semester ends on the 26th of April. Four days later I will be in California. Board till May 29, and two days later on May 31 I will be back in Utah getting married!

This summer is going to be so much fun.

Week One
Week Two

Week Three
Week Four

The whole trip


Amanda Tolman said...

That's pretty awesome!!

Sheri said...

Wow, what an adventure and for such a great cause! You are making a difference in this world!

Todd said...

You sir are crazy! Haha wish I could join in on the festivities :)

Mason said...

Well Todd...why don't you? Come with us for a week or something