Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Highway 1

From Kenton:

Highway 1

Now this little bit of road is what I’m going to be calling home for the next few months. I've driven parts of it, usually with my family on some adventure in California. But most of the time is spent it reading a book, talking or thinking about the fish and chips I had eaten for dinner. This last summer I drove down Highway 1 and found the road for conditions to be moderate or less than ideal. I'm not too worried about 

An ideal longboarding trail would be a cement or asphalt path that is free from rocks or other debris.

Notice the painted lines designating where to ride, pass and where oncoming traffic is coming. These conditions are safer and ideal for most longboarders. However highway 1 is void of paths like this. Most of the time we will be traveling in the  3-5 foot space from the white line to the edge of the road.

Our longboarders are experienced and will do fine with less then ideal road conditions. We are still going to have to be smart and keep our eyes focused on the road. Part of our safety will be in keeping our bodies physical strain down. their is nothing more dangerous to a longboarder then slow reflexes while riding. Other road conditions on Highway 1 such as construction or a lack of edge to the side of the road are something that we will have to deal with while on the road.    

An actual picture of part of the
trail we will be longboarding on.
What a wonderful view!

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