Monday, October 7, 2013

We Can Dance If We Want To...

Good news for those of you in the New York area. Longboard For Love is helping to sponsor a longboard dance-off contest on November 9th. We have been in contact with Yasmeen, a member of the Longboarding New York City group. She is putting on the event and all of the proceeds will go to Bridge of Love in order to help the orphans in Romania.

Information about the event:
  • Skaters will perform a combination of freestyle and dance tricks for a total of 60 seconds. The tournament will be set up as a one on one (one will win, one will lose), tournament style. Through cheers and jeers, the audience will decide who moves on to fight for another day! 
  • The last two standing will do a dance off of 30 quick seconds, to show off their stuff!!
  • Hippie jump contest will follow :)
  • Helmets are recommended! 
  • Join at your own risk!
  • Registration is $5, the money earned will be donated to charity!
We hope that those of you who can will attend the event. I know that it says helmets are recommended but I strongly suggest wearing a helmet anyway. 

Those of you who don't know about dancing on a longboard are in for a treat! Dancing is basically complicated footwork on the board. Since longboards are large there is room enough to step around, move, shake and boogey. The tricks are really cool to see and so dance competitions are not uncommon. Here are some photos from a recent competition done in Berlin. You can kind of get the idea. 

So everyone sign up and go to the event! It will be a lot of fun and you won't want to miss out!

Here is a video showing what is possible with longboard dancing.

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