Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dracula's Dash For Hope 2013

My sister Sydney, my mom, my beautiful wonderful wife Jamie, and me wearing my hobo jacket Jamie hates

This year I was able to attend Bridge of Love's annual 5k, Dracula's Dash for Hope. Instead of helping at the booths, like I did last year, I actually ran the race. I was able to convince some of my family to come which was a sweet experience. Before I went on my mission to Romania I would run each morning with my mom so it was nice to run with her again. 

I'm not a fast runner and I haven't been running much lately so my time wasn't that good. I got 32 minutes even. I remember thinking, "Oh awesome! That is the same time I used to get in high school!", then I remembered that I used to get 20-22 minutes. It was a disappointing moment in my life to see I've slowed down by ten whole minutes.

My family are pretty fast runners though. My mom won third place in her age category. My little sister placed as well. She came to run for my dad who had a last minute problem come up and couldn't make it. Since Sydney was registered as my dad she won first place in the Men's 50-59 age category! We had a good laugh about that and let the race officials know about the mix up. Bridge of Love still gave her a medal which was nice. 

Great morning and great event. Here are some more pictures below.

Laurie Lundberg thanking everyone for coming to the race

The center of the activities

The start line for the kids race

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