Monday, September 10, 2012

Farewell Roxanne

This long trip is going to need a lot of equipment. Backpacks, tents, low-riding longboards, etc. Sometime soon I'll post a list of everything I'm taking with me. A lot of these things are expensive. In preparation for my trip I have been liquidating my boards for additional funds (speaking of which, if anyone is looking for a good mountainboard I'm trying to get rid of mine). I don't need three boards, I just need one. Just a few days ago I sold one of my longboards to a friend. This wasn't just any board, it was my very first longboard I ever had.

My first board was a Krown. Krown is not a high end longboard company by any means, but it is a perfect beginners board, especially for the price. Her name was Roxane, I don't know if I got that from Cyrano de Bergerac or the song by the Police but it just seemed to fit. I had Roxanne for years and years. The nose of the board was chipped from when I hit a car, the flat deck was a little warped, but I loved her still.

I never spent time with Roxanne except for carving down big hills, like I said, Krown is a good beginner board and I have since moved on, so she spent a lot of time on a shelf. That is why I am happy to see her go. My friend is just getting into longboarding and Roxanne is the perfect beginners board.

But still...I'm sad to see her go.

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