Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dude, this is going to be Awesome!

Kenton Durfee
From Kenton: Team Member Two From Mesa Arizona

I’m terrible at blogging, just throwing that out there… My name is Kenton, and I’m stoked to be posting to you today. I guess that’s what Family does for you, they make you better or worse. Alright so a little background on me, I have been Longboarding for years… gosh… since I was 12. The riding on the board actually came and went for me. I don’t know how it actually went down. Somehow this longboard showed at my house. I think it was my dad’s… anyways I stepped on the thing. It rode like a dream, the wheels were so smooth, and the board was stable. I could cut and curve, speed up or slow down. It’s all I needed. It’s like someone had given me my driver’s license, and a set of car keys.

From then on I was hooked, it doesn’t help that Mason came around one summer and we longboarded the whole time. The streets in my neighborhood were just repaved and it felt like riding on glass. I would compare this to riding a wake board early in the morning when the water is completely smooth, or ice skating on a clean sheet of ice, or even for those of you who have done this, running around your house sliding on carpet or socks on a wood floor. It’s amazing, for those of you who are beginning or even moderately good, I would highly recommend finding a newly finished road and just coasting. Enjoy your ride!

Longboarding Adventure
So if you want to know what I was like growing up, I was the type of kid who ate basically anything. I didn’t really taste it I just put it in my mouth. The flavor didn’t matter much but a full belly did. One of my fondest memories started around midnight, after I had been out with my friends. I had a strong craving for waffles… but eating by myself sounded really boring. So I woke my sister up to come eat with me. The next thing I know it we were having a wonderful time in the kitchen. We must have been loud because our dad showed up. He asked us what we were doing and sat down. He probably could smell the waffles in his room and just wanted some. Needed an excuse or something, anyways so all three of us feasted on Belgian waffles. Definitely one of those family bonding moments. And that’s who I am. And that’s my family.

Yeah so right now in my life I am going to college, working for a construction company and trying to figure out what I’m going to do with myself. I am currently living in my sister basement. Embarrassing but sweet. I have my own room, a place in the closet for my longboard, and a space in the fridge. So this is going to be an adventure. I am excited to longboard with Mason and to do something good by helping the children in Romania. I’ve got months of preparation and a cousin who is totally fired up about all this. I’ll be posting again soon. See you guys!

Kenton 9/27/2012

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