Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Adventure

Hi, I'm Mason. I'm at a young and impressionable age right now, and age where I am making key decisions for my future, so I spend a lot of time thinking about the life ahead of me. At the moment I'm a student at Brigham Young University. I really enjoy what I do and the things I learn. Sometimes though I catch myself getting caught up in the routine of what I'm doing. School, work, homework, eat, sleep, school, work, homework etc. I get scared that too often, we get lost in the "doing" of things. I get scared that, although I have goals and a purpose, I focus too much on the end result, without taking much joy or learning in the journey. 

I think every now and again we need to do something out of the box, something to break the routine. I feel like I need an adventure. I'm at an age and situation in life where I can pursue a random endeavor, something to tell my kids about one day. Earlier this summer I was wondering what kind of adventure I want to do when I heard of something Ben Smith was doing.

Ben is in the middle and that's me on Ben's right
 holding the board
I know Ben through his older brother Mike, who is one of my friends from High School. Ben is a great kid. At the age of 15, before he could even drive a car, Ben decided to ride a longboard 400+ miles across the state of Utah. That in of itself is admirable. However, Ben didn't just do this for kicks and giggles, he was raising money for a friend named Gates. Gates had recently suffered an accident that left him paralyzed and Ben was trying to help him out.

I went to go see Ben as he passed through Provo and I was inspired. I want to do something similar. Longboarding is something that I have loved for years and years. It is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities. I also love to travel. Wouldn't it be fun to combine both? 

I have found it, my adventure. 


Grandma Bennett said...

I got out of the box once and in two weeks I quit my job, learned to drive, got a 57 Impala, sold everything I owned, put four kids in the car and moved to Mesa.

I learned that it's a great adventure, but can be done in a less extreme way, too. I remember being kind of disappointed to reach Mesa because I had no plan for what to do at that time.

I am enjoying your blog and eager to hear all about the trip. Thanks for explaining what a longboard even is! Love you so much!

Mason said...

I remember that story, and boy am I glad that you did drive to Arizona. Sometimes, I think we all just need to do something, a little adventure like that. I would say that your adventure was extreme, it was a huge life change.

I hope you keep reading the blog, I'm so happy you like it.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a lot of fun. Way to go.