Thursday, October 29, 2015

Next Generation Vehicles

Next Generation Vehicles has created a real game changer in the world of longboarding. I was approached a few months ago by NGV to review their "Nextboard". NGV is based out of Slovenia so I am very sad to say that I haven't had the opportunity to personally try out their longboard but what I have learned about is is amazing.

NGV has created a motorized longboard.

Nextboard prototype
"Now Mason," you might say, "I don't understand the hype. Everyone is trying to make electric skateboards. Kickstarter campaigns abound with motorized longboards that only need my money to become reality." Well that is true, but I think that NGV is ahead of the game. Like many motorized longboards it seems to have electrical and mechanical components on the bottom, and like most motorized longboards it has a handheld device for controlling speed. However, unlike most longboards we are getting "Four-wheel drive" in that each individual wheel has a built in motor. Additionally I have not heard of a motorized longbaord that could go over 25 mph. The Nextboard reaches up to 30 mph making it the fastest electric longboard I have yet heard of. It is clearly a superior product.

I would really like to try one myself and let you all know how it rides, but I hope this test run video will be helpful enough for you all.

Keep your eyes open for when this hits the market.


Lisa said...

4wd motorized longboard? What would be its advantages, aside from giving it more speed? Would love to read your thoughts about it once you've tested one!

nishat rafi said...

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Adam Smith said...

Great board I think. Obviously next generation like this motion.
Thanks for sharing such an innovative idea.

Slick Revolution said...

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