Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wheel Shields

It has been too long since last I wrote. The summer has been a busy one. Longboard 650 miles, get married, move to California for an internship, move back to Utah, and start another semester of school. Life has been crazy, but life is good.

Recently I got an email from a company I talked about almost a year ago, Wheel Shields. They contacted me to let me know about their recent Kickstarter Campaign helping to fund their innovative product. Sadly, in the rush of moving back to Provo, starting a new semester, and starting two jobs I haven't been able to address the email until now. Sadly the Kickstarter is over. Good news though, they got their funding! Which means they are taking off and now the rest of us can order the product from their website.

Check them out. Especially if you are into distance longboarding. With the upcoming rainy and wet winter weather these will be indispensable.

 I'm excited to see this great idea opening up. Things like this help the wonderful sport of longboarding to evolve and move in new directions. I'm not sure personally how well they work but as soon as I get a set I will let you know. Until then I thought I would share a video of Rob Thompson (Guinness World Record for Longest Distance on a Skateboard (7,500 miles) and one of my boarding heroes) talk about the Shields. If he thinks they are good, I'm willing to try them out. On any upcoming distance trips I plan of having these.

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